Where for a Loan with a Low Pension or Low Pension?

A non-bank loan for a pensioner does not have to be expensive anymore. High competitiveness in this market has caused that the installments of this type of loans are once again lower and most of the offers are available to potential customers without leaving home.

Obtaining a cash loan at the bank is associated with having adequate income, it can also be income from the pension or pension you receive. Unfortunately, people with income lower than 1000 PLN net per month may face a rejection of a cash loan application, even if their credit history is good and previously did not have any debts.

I must immediately point out that in this article I will not tell you in which banks you have a chance to get a loan and if not, if your income from retirement or disability pension is relatively low and does not exceed the above mentioned threshold of PLN 1000 net per month. Banks approach each client individually and each of them has a practically different income threshold. The age of the borrower is also important because most banks grant loans to people who have not exceeded 80 years of age.

Loans with low pensions or low pensions

Loans with low pensions or low pensions

If low income is the main obstacle on the way to obtaining a cash loan at the bank, then an alternative is a non-bank loan. Contrary to appearances, offers of this type of loans are more and more competitive with banking offers, which was directly influenced by a large number of companies that have appeared on this market recently. Installments of non-bank loans are therefore much cheaper than a few years ago, pre-paid fees before the loan were disapplied and most of the offers are available at your fingertips. This is undoubtedly a great convenience especially for older people who do not have to leave their apartment in order to get the cash they need. To obtain a loan in this way, however, we must have a personal account in any bank operating in Poland.

Where can we find advantageous offers for non-bank loans with low pensions? Choosing the three cheapest loan installments, I was guided by the desire to borrow PLN 5,000 with a 24-month repayment period and here are the results:

Age limit: up to 80 years old
Loans amounts: up to PLN 5,000

Both Jakady and Cryobank offer are currently the cheapest offer of non-bank loans up to PLN 5,000. We can submit a loan application online and all the necessary formalities will be completed without leaving your home. The contract is sent in a paper version via a courier company, therefore we will have to sign an appropriate form when it arrives at our home. The amount of available loans in Jakady is from PLN 1,200 to PLN 5,000 with a repayment period from 8 to 24 months.

Age limit: no limit
Loans amounts: up to PLN 7,500

The next cheapest after the Jakady non-bank loan I found in the Doffy Loans. Here we can get a loan much faster because it is sent almost immediately, after verification of our data and sending a verification transfer from PLN 1 (PLN) from our bank account. The amount of available loans through Doffy is from PLN 1,500 to PLN 7,500 with a repayment period of between three and 24 months.

Age limit: no limit
Loans amounts: up to PLN 7,500 (self-service loan)

And finally a company that can be well known to most people who receive a monthly retirement or pension. However, what would be your opinion about this company, you must know that obtaining a loan with a low pension in the Nominent does not have to be expensive as it was a few or a dozen years ago when only the home loan was available in the company’s offer. Since then, their offer has evolved significantly, which can be confirmed by its presence in the list of 3 cheapest loan companies. However, in order to borrow money in the Providante, we have to choose a self-service loan. No direct contact with company employees is required to obtain such a loan and we will also arrange all formalities remotely.